What Women Like In Bed

How To Give A Woman Sexual Pleasure

I want to be clear here, “pleasure” means bringing her to orgasm. So what might do this?

Tattoos? Clean-cut guys in well tailored suits? Danger? Money? Muscles? A feeling of security? Musicians and poets? Power?

Pretty boys? Tough guys? Bad boys? Brains? A great sense of humor? Kindness? Emotionally available?

Sure. Of course. There are women that find each of these things exciting. Some women like tattooed, rocker types. Some get turned on by clean-cut, Wall Street types, some like ’em pretty and some like ’em rugged, etc.

But is there something that turns all women on? Is there something that really pushes the blinking red oh-my-god-button on every girl you’ll ever meet? There is.

In fact, there are two things. And these two things are so powerful in the way that they affect women, that if you strongly exhibit these two qualities, it can overcome just about anything else.

And the really great news is, they are qualities that any man can acquire if he’s willing to learn and to work at it a bit. Women are generally creatures of emotion, and men generally are about facts and results.

Of course this isn’t always true, but it’s pretty close.

And it’s especially true when it comes to physical relationships. Men want facts and results (like: what’s your phone number and when are we gonna get it on?).

But women are much more emotionally driven. (like: we’ll get it on when it feels right to me.) Emotions and feelings are what really motivate most women (even if they “rationalize” their actions later), and your ability to make her feel things, your “emotional power” over her, is the key to her feelings of physical attraction.

Passion is the language of emotional power. And a man who’s passionate about things shows a woman that he can feel things strongly… and then he knows that she will melt into the state of mind where he can give her an orgasm in bed easily, every time they make love.

Video – how to please a woman in bed

And that can make her feel things strongly… And that drives women crazy. Does it matter what you have a passion for? Well, for starters, you can’t go wrong with passion during lovemaking. Passion often leads directly to sexual satisfaction.

Passion about anything is a turn on for women. So let’s talk about how you can make sure that you are the guy who is not suppressing or hiding his passion and his emotional power.

For women, timid men who walk around all covered up and too weak to show their emotional power are all the same. She can be pretty sure that they are too timid to show their passion in bed. In other words… They are just like the last guy who failed to impress them in bed.

To show your emotions, as a man, takes some guts. Because men are used to hiding passion… used to feeling some embarrassment, even shame, about it. 

So what does it take to be so comfortable in your own skin, so rock solid in what moves you, that what other people think doesn’t matter to you? Massive confidence.

And, as it turns out, that is the second quality that all women find exciting: confidence. A woman can never completely let go and trust a man that does not display confidence. It helps if you know what you are doing…

But more important is to have the attitude and the rock-solid belief that you know. …Or at least have the belief that you know well enough that you’ll be okay even if things go wrong.

I’m talking about “self-trust”. In the presence of a man like that, most women feel huge amounts of physical attraction.

Video – effet of confidence on a woman

Often they can’t even tell you why. They just say, “there’s something about him.” And to really rock a woman’s world in the bedroom, the best place to start is to be confident about your lovemaking ability and your masculine identity.

This confidence and passion during lovemaking is the single biggest turn-on for most women. It is what allows her to surrender herself to experience pleasure that she probably has never even dreamed of. So, here’s the big question…

I said that any guy could learn to do these things that women find so physically attractive. So how do you become the kind of confident guy that women fantasize about?

Becoming Confident

I believe ANY man can display massive masculine confidence… the kind of confidence that has his woman crawling all over him all the time… just by learning a few simple things.

The main keys are:

Learning the actual skills, techniques, and “competence” in the bedroom that breeds confidence.

Learning to silence the voices of doubt and judgment (and women can sense these). These can destroy passionate confidence before you ever have a chance.

There is nothing “hard” about this process. But it’s not likely you can do it on your own. Because the woman in your life has gotten used to you not having this confidence and passion, and she will resist you trying to change… it will freak her out a bit.

You need the tools to handle all of these factors and really grow into your new identity comfortably and happily. I believe it will profoundly change your life and your relationship. And both you and your woman will be so much happier and more fulfilled when you have done it.

Plus, she will be so physically satisfied that very little else will matter! Like I said, this is unlikely to change if you don’t take action.

Finding Her Secret Orgasm Spots!

Do you know EXACTLY where to touch a woman to give her massive pleasure?

Have you found that “secret spot” that you know sends her into orbit… the one that makes her gasp, blush, and act really nice to you afterwards? Sure you have…

But have you ever been a situation, or with a particular woman when your special secret spot… didn’t work at all? The unfortunate truth for us men is that women are all different – what works on one, doesn’t necessarily work on another… which means you have to be clever enough to figure it out.

Some women are just easily aroused and can come easily with just about any partner.

A woman like this really knows her own body, she knows what works, and she can shift her hips a little here or there and pretty much take care of her own pleasure…

But other women have a very hard time ever reaching a climax. In fact, some studies claim that 1 in 12 women never have a climax in their entire life! 

Many other women think they can’t reach a climax without a vibrator, or can’t get there during lovemaking, or take a very, very long time to achieve their orgasm, or just can’t make it when they are with a partner (meaning they can’t do it when YOU are in the room).

And do you think that if a woman you are with is having this experience (i.e. she knows she’s not going to have an orgasm) that she’s going to tell you?

Of course not. In fact, most of the time she’ll just “fake it” to save your ego and to save herself from having to deal with your insecurities.

There is nothing women hate more than a man saying, “Did you come yet?”

How To Make A Woman Come

For women, it’s not just where you touch them that makes it work… It’s much more about who is touching her and – if that’s you – how you’re doing it.

Start with the clitoris and the G spot. And if you said that you know about a secret spot that is deep inside of her, about 4 inches past the G spot, right where the top wall of the vagina meets the cervix, then you’re an expert!

It’s called the “anterior fornix”, and sometimes the “A-spot”… but she probably just calls it, “Oh my God!”

But why limit yourself to just her more obvious areas? Women can have orgasms from trigger points all over their bodies. The easiest one is her breasts and nipples, and many women can be brought to orgasm by stimulation here alone. And all women can learn to do it. Where else?

Women can be taught to react with climax when you stimulate the nape of the neck, the ear lobes, the insides of the elbows and knees, and the bottoms of the feet…and especially her breasts.

In fact, there is probably not a single square inch on a woman’s body that can’t be considered an erogenous zone. All women are different. But I can give you some very good guidelines that will help you figure out exactly how to touch the particular woman that you are with.

The first thing you are going to have to do is take the time to build and build her excitement. Because a lot of the places on a woman’s body that are just ticklish or plain annoying when she’s not aroused are the same places that, when she’s deeply turned on, can work like erotically magic “secret spots” to quickly bring her to an earth-shaking orgasm.

So if you can figure out where she is ticklish, you can really surprise her later that night when she is super-aroused and you very gently begin running your tongue along one of her ticklish spots. Of course building arousal and creating the right mental and emotional state of excitement are extremely important. 

The second important part of how to touch her is to learn how to “pay attention” and tune in to her body. When you learn how to become “present” in the moment with a woman and really tune in to her body, her breath, her muscle tension, her sounds and smells, then you become aware of exactly what is working and where she likes to be touched.

Finally, you need to have a sense of rhythm. You can build a lot of excitement and give her endless sensual pleasure just by tuning in and touching her in the places on her body that I listed above.

But to take her past sensual pleasure and give her a climax from this touching, you need to find the rhythm that works. And then stay with that rhythm. So many men completely miss this essential part of female orgasmic response (which is unbelievably frustrating to so many women).

And even men who do have a sense of rhythm have a bad habit of trying to “sprint to the finish”. That is, when they feel a woman getting close to her climax, they start to speed up and increase the intensity…

And by doing this, they stop doing what was working. Most of the time, the woman that they are with is not even aware of what went wrong. From her perspective, she was getting closer, closer, and closer, the intensity was building, and then it just fizzled out (just as the guy she was with seemed to be really getting into it too).

A huge number of couples never get past this point, they never decode what is going wrong.

But if he had just stuck to the rhythm that was working instead of “trying hard” to push her over the edge, she would have continued to ride her arousal into climax.

I recommend you try these simple ideas with the woman in your life tonight. I think you’ll be surprised by how instantly powerful using these tips can be.

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