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All women want to achieve orgasm during intercourse, simply because this is the highest form of expression of intimacy and connection to their partners.

Regrettably, most men are simply concerned with a quick ejaculation and trivial and simplistic experience of ejaculating – coming – to relieve sexual urges.

Now I know this is a big generalization, but I think there is a lot of truth in it — that men like to have short lasting, quick intercourse that relieves sexual tension, and find it more difficult to engage with extensive foreplay, sophisticated intercourse techniques.

And probably, if we’re being honest about it, they’re not that bothered about whether or not their partner achieves orgasm during intercourse.

Although this may seem a very cynical view of the sexual relationship between men and women, there probably is a certain level of truth in it.

For example, we all know that men find foreplay difficult when they are with a sexual partner. Whether that is a new partner or a long established partner, they are more interested in seeking out gratification. Generally this is done by touching a woman’s sexual organs before the man has taken the time to ensure that she is aroused.

Women of course constantly complain about this, and with good reason, because men generally speaking are not that sophisticated in their lovemaking techniques.

However, if a man is highly motivated, he can find a way of ensuring that his partner will achieve orgasm during intercourse — and that method is called the coital alignment technique or CAT for short.

Alignment During Intercourse

The content and methodology of the coital alignment technique is hard to grasp, because it’s actually quite difficult to understand what is going on!

All the websites that offer an explanation of the coital alignment technique provide different instructions. They also offer different explanations of how it is designed to operate!

In particular, they assert that different areas of the two bodies — the man’s and woman’s — come into contact during intercourse than would normally do so.

This is actually extremely difficult for anybody trying to convey an impression of what the coital alignment method actually is, because it’s hard to understand it in the first place!

Perhaps the answer is to go back to the original document, the original article in the Journal of Sexual and Marital therapy. Here, we can find the article which led to the propagation of the system.

The author of this paper was Edward Eichel. He certainly has achieved a reputation as an excellent sex therapist over the years. And he deserves recognition for his attempts to ensure that women enjoy orgasm much more frequently during intercourse with men.

And of course his system is really about ensuring a woman achieves orgasm by stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse.

Clitoral stimulation produces orgasm for women.

Clitoral stimulation produces orgasm for women.

This stimulation is achieved by a particular kind of motion during intercourse in which the man’s body repeatedly presses on the area of the clitoris and provides stimulation sufficient to reach orgasm.

One of the consistent and persistent problems with intercourse is that women tend not to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.

This can greatly affect their enjoyment — and perhaps also their willingness to take part in sexual relationships with their husbands or partners.

Now one of the ways in which this can be ameliorated, and sex can become more enjoyable the woman is for her to achieve orgasm on a regular basis during intercourse.

Obviously one of the problems here is that the clitoris, which most people rely on to achieve orgasm, is not stimulated during the average thrusting motions of sexual intercourse — at least as it is represented by most people!

coital alignment

The coital alignment technique can make a woman come

But there is a variation of lovemaking called the coital alignment technique which can make sex much better from a woman, by producing stimulation of the clitoral area, during the very movements of intercourse itself.

Now needless to say, sexual techniques that are tricky and require little bit of application tend to be the ones that people don’t use very much. They’re just too difficult or too tricky or too complicated to actually put into practice.

I’d like to offer you a video which may help to illustrate how the coital alignment the can actually work rather more easily than it’s generally given credit for.

Original CAT video

CAT video (Shorter) Orgasm during intercourse

New CAT video simplified using sketches

Coital Video

Of course one of the reasons that people like to enjoy the coital alignment technique is that it improves the man on top position. It makes sex much more rewarding for the woman.

As we know, the man on top sex position is by far the most popular sex position used by couples today, being responsible for approximately 75% for sexual intercourse — the majority of the rest being made by rear entry and woman on top.

There’s an interesting argument here which could be true, that women are oppressed during sexual intercourse by virtue of the fact that men are responsible for choosing most of the ways in which couples make love, as well as most of the positions employed.

Furthermore, the patriarchal repression of women during sexual activity maybe also manifest in the fact that the majority of women never achieve orgasm during intercourse.

This is not to say that women don’t enjoy intercourse, it’s simply pointing out that the proportion of orgasms experienced by men and women is different.

One might even believe intercourse was something that women undertook to satisfy the sexual demands of their partners, without fully enjoying it themselves.

And whether or not this has any basis in reality is of course highly debatable, but it’s an interesting feminist viewpoint which deserves serious consideration.

And, if it is true, then the coital alignment technique may have a wider function in repairing sexual relationships between men and women.

If you’re interested in other of training more information about sexual positions and various forms in which sexual pleasure can be achieved, this website has many pages of good sexual advice, and it’s recommended very highly by experienced sexual therapists.

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