Manifesting What You Want

Manifesting What You Want

You might have heard people talk about the importance of detachment when you’re trying to manifest anything.

This is detachment from an outcome.

Now why would this be important?

You may be thinking that surely one of the most important things of all when manifesting anything is that you are very attached to the outcome!

It’s a little bit more complicated than you might imagine at first thought.

You see, the thing is that when you’re too attached to the way in which your desires manifest, in other words if you have too many preconceptions about exactly how your desires will appear in your world, you’re interfering with the manifestation process.

This issues is what Wallace Wattles, writing as long ago as the turn of the 19th century called “The Cursed Hows”. He quite rightly observed that it’s no business of yours how the universe is going to manifest your desires, and that you need to leave well alone – it’s not as though the universe lacks power!

You cna manifest whatever you wish for....

You can manifest whatever you wish for….

Considering that you are just one small fragment of the universe, and looking from your perspective it’s impossible to see every interaction, possibility, and synchronicity that is necessary to drive the process of manifestation for you, you MUST detach yourself from any expectation about the manner in which your desires will manifest.

Indeed, to do anything other than experience this level of detachment is presumptuous of you – simply leave well alone and let the universe manifest in whatever way it chooses.

So that’s probably what detachment actually means: not being attached to a particular way in which your desires will appear in your world.

Of course you have to be attached to the presumption that the outcome is going to actually occur – because you can only manifest your desires by maintaining a state of continual energetic input directed at your desires.

Manifesting Money

One of the important things about manifesting money is that our relation to money is very different to almost any other commodity in our modern society. And that fact alone can interfere with your ability to manifest successfully.

You see, most people who are manifesting money, or attempting to do so, are in thrall in some way to the power of money, because they believe that money itself is a passport to personal power for them.

Yet this is completely untrue: having more or less money does not alter your level of personal power, although it might, I admit, alter your level of acquired power or assumed status in society.

In truth though, as far as the metaphysical aspects of manifestation are concerned, the universe couldn’t give a hoot about your status or how much power you acquire by virtue of your position in society.

Fact is, by believing that money has an inherent power, you somehow give away your own power, and when you do that, as you may well expect, you can’t expect to manifest successfully.

Video – Manifesting Money Successfully

So to put it another way, if you want to manifest money, you simply can’t afford to believe that money is a power source – the point is that money really cannot give you happiness. Or indeed any other positive quality or virtue, for that matter.

Now I know there will be a lot of people out there contesting this, and saying that of course money can buy happiness… and all the rest of it.

But the truth is simply very different: money does not have any inherent power, it is just a commodity, a form of barter, a form of currency in the true sense of that word – and it just so happens that in our world it’s the form of currency which can provide us with material goods and wealth.

If you believe, however, that having more money will give you additional power then you’re actually saying something like “I believe I’m weak”.

Do you get it now?

The point is a subtle one, but it’s an immensely important one.

So what this amounts to, quite simply, is the fact that if you believe that money is some kind of power source, then at some level you also believe that money has the power to decide whether or not it’s going to show up in your life.

Or, to put it differently, you’re making a choice to give your own power away to the very thing that you’re trying to manifest.

Yet I’m sure you can see that when you’re manifesting something you need to be in total control of it. Since the law of attraction is in fact a law which will obey anybody who has sufficient faith and complete belief in what they’re doing, you really do need to be in a position of absolute belief and complete confidence that money is going to obey your command to manifest in your life.

So the way you get round any doubts or difficulties about who’s in control of the process of manifestation is that first of all you decide that you are in charge of this process.

You are 100% dominant over money, and money is 100% responsive to your needs and requirements.

It’s not a question of whether money will show up!

Of course money will show up if you command it to, and if you do so with complete belief, complete expectation, and fervent desire (desire which is sufficiently intense) to maintain the energy for the process of manifestation to occur.

This isn’t a battle of wills, either. You’re not trying to command money to show up by overpowering it.

Indeed, because the law of attraction is neutral, what you’re effectively doing in this situation is having a war with yourself, an internal split where one part of you doubts that you’re going to be able to manifest what you want, and another part is trying to persuade that part that actually, yes, manifestation will occur.

And the cause of that particular battle?

Regrettably, what that battle is caused by is something which could be fatal to your process of manifestation.

It is caused by your weakness, by the fact that you are not ready to wield your own power.

Take note of this vital and crucially important fact.

Having more money will not make you more powerful.

It may allow you to do more things, and it may allow you to buy more material goods. It may even allow you to have influence over other weak minded people.

But the truth is that money in itself will not increase the level of mental power or emotional power.

If you need proof of this, think of how lottery winners behave when they win a massive jackpot. The astounding fact is that within one year of winning, 90% of lottery winners have successfully re-established the state of financial wealth or poverty that they were in before they won the lottery.

In other words, if they are weak minded when they win the lottery, they will stay weak minded (unless, of course, they make a decision to change things for their own good. This does not happen very often!)

before they won the lottery.

In other words, if they are weak minded when they win the lottery, they will stay weak minded (unless, of course, they make a decision to change things for their own good. This does not happen very often!)

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