Fitness and Sexual Pleasure

There’s no doubt that fitness and sexual pleasure are related, although the connection may not be as direct as you think!

Start with many women experience to known as “coregasms” when they exercise; these are experiences that resemble normal orgasms but may not be caused by conventional clitoral stimulation.

Various theories have been put forward to explain how these experiences developed, but there is as yet no agreement on how the stimulation of the sexual nerves necessary to cause an orgasmic experience can develop during exercise. You can see a debate and discussion on the subject here.

Interestingly enough, some men have reported a similar experience, although the mechanism of stimulation here is even more difficult to understand than it is in case of women. In theory, is prostate stimulation might be a cause of some kind of orgasmic experience in men, but as yet it seems to be much less frequent than in women.

Now another way in which exercise and fitness can contribute sexual pleasure is through the well-known Kegels exercises. These strengthen the pelvic floor and add to the strength of the contractions that an individual experiences during orgasm. This is reputedly good for male control during lovemaking.

Having said that, it’s true that Kegel exercises are a very specific form of exercise done to strengthen the pelvic floor rather than as part of a general fitness regime, but there’s no reason why the two can’t be combined – or indeed, why Kegel exercises cannot be practiced in isolation.

(It’s worth just having a quick look at this article, which seems to suggest that Kegel exercises in fact a less potent and increasing sexual pleasure than previously been thought – although in fairness, it looks to me very much like this study is limited and flawed.)

And so finally we arrive at the main point of this brief article, which is that there could be a connection between general fitness and sexual pleasure.

Now we do know that Kegel exercises control premature ejaculation in men.

There is a study here which demonstrates very clearly that men who ejaculated in about half a minute before doing Kegel exercises improve their endurance during sexual activity to around 2.5 minutes after three months of consistently practicing Kegel exercises.

It follows, therefore, that even if you do nothing else, Kegel exercises can significantly improve your sex life. But how about general fitness? Indeed, what about the impact of obesity on sexual pleasure?

Good health is intimately related to sexual pleasure

Good health is intimately related to sexual pleasure

To what extent does general health and fitness affect sexual pleasure?

In fact the evidence is very clear on this subject.

We know that about 66% of the American population are overweight, and nearly 33% are obese.

We also know that the health risks associated with being overweight are devastating.

They include type 2 diabetes, cholesterol levels out of sync with good health, cardiovascular disease, and, as if all that wasn’t enough, shortened life span.

But there’s a disconnect, I think, in many people’s minds between the consequences of being overweight and sexual pleasure. Yet the connection is very clear.

A study that was published in 2011 in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy demonstrated very clearly that significantly overweight men and women both reported much lower sexual satisfaction.

Indeed, there is worse to come! Because the University of Florence studied us demonstrated that obesity is clearly linked to erectile dysfunction.

Everybody knows that there is a connection between cholesterol blocking the arteries to the penis and erectile dysfunction but what is probably less well-known is the fact that obesity is clearly linked to low testosterone in men.

With low testosterone, a man is going to experience low sex drive, lower sexual pleasure, and less powerful orgasms. Weight loss linked to greater sexual pleasure for men.

Now as you might expect, losing weight helps to improve all of these things.

In fact, being fit and healthy, let alone being the correct weight, definitely improves erectile function, sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction and sexual fulfillment.

motIt isn’t just about the physical, though. It’s also about the emotional. Men and women are equally susceptible to suffering body image issues – mostly shame and self disgust around the body looks flabby and out of condition.

In particular men, who may suffer from erectile dysfunction because being overweight, are particularly susceptible to the impact of simply being overweight.

What this suggests is that engaging with a diet and exercise plan that is designed specifically for men or for women is going to be a very good idea in achieving weight loss and fat loss, even if you’re not interested in achieving weight gain through muscle building.

A workout program for weight loss that works for many of the men that I have spoken to over the years is the diet written by John Barban, an expert in the field of human physiology, metabolic science, weight loss and fitness training.

To some extent, whether or not you’re interested in the idea of undertaking a diet and exercise plan to gain sexual pleasure is a reflection of your self-worth and self-esteem.

For me, there’s no question that it makes one feel better, offers a better sexual relationship and makes you feel good about yourself.

This should be sufficient motivation for men and women who know they are overweight to at least consider doing something about it.

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