How To Make A Woman Come

What To Do If You Do Not Know  How To Make A Woman Come!

First, the Coital Alignment Technique can help…..

If you want to know more about the coital alignment technique.

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A lot of sexual practice (in using the coital alignment technique when having intercourse) has been found to play a role in learning how to make a woman come consistently.

Years of intercourse seem to have rather impressive effects on how easy it is to make a woman come. And yet the nature of the sexual stimulation delivered to give a woman an orgasm is found to be uncorrelated with sexual responsiveness.

For example, number of intercourse positions and length of foreplay had only chance correlations with how to make a woman come, how to make a woman reach orgasm, consistently.

Beyond a moderate level of knowledge concerning primary erogenous zones, the factors facilitating sexual arousal seem to be largely interpersonal, involving feelings of intimacy, closeness, and dependability. (OK – how about love?)

Women with orgasm difficulties may irrationally criticize their sex partners for not being sufficiently expert to stimulate them properly, for not knowing how to make a woman come.

Many questions about female sexuality are still not really understood. These questions include:

1. Cross-cultural studies are badly needed in which how to make a woman come when raised under different conditions can be compared.

Being unable to ejaculate is sometimes a problem for men, but it is not a condition which has any obvious counterpart in women, where anorgasmia or low libido are probably the most common sexual dysfunctions. How much are men responsible for not knowing how to make a woman come?

2. How much influence do childhood factors such as the influence of the father have on a woman’s ability to reach orgasm (or a man’s willingness to take the time to find out how to make a woman come)?

When a woman cannot climax she is much more likely not to have been using the coital alignment technique than a woman who has a loving partner who takes the time to learn how to make a woman come easily and quickly. Check out the CAT here,

3. A related question that needs to be checked is the possible role of the male partner: does he know how to make a woman come easily and quickly?

Her feelings about his dependability as a love object may mean she cannot orgasm.

A study on this would probably have to be carried out on married couples.

The attributes of the partner reflecting his dependability would be correlated with his woman’s orgasm behavior. Manufacturing the female orgasm may not be easy. One would want to evaluate the partner with respect to traits such as conscientiousness and ability to identify with his woman, and one would also want to ascertain how much confidence she had in his ability to make her come reliably.

Parallel to such inquiries, it would be informative to have a sample of men keep “diaries” in which they would record how often they know successfully made a woman come over a period of time. Various questions could be investigated.

Does orgasm consistency decline when the partner is planning to be away from home for a while? Do crises in the family, such as illness of children or financial difficulties, make it more likely she cannot get off or that her man cannot make her come?

Does successful achievement in life influence a woman’s orgasmic potential? Do periods of sexual deprivation make her less likely to get off? Check out this  personal account: I just do not know how to make a woman come!

4. Detailed and finely etched reports must be secured from a variety of women concerning the perceptual changes that occur as excitement builds up to orgasmic levels.

This information is necessary, first of all, to gain a better understanding of how sexual excitement diminishes the woman’s perceptual hold on objects.

What certainly might make a difference to a woman’s capacity to reach orgasm is her husband’s ability to make a woman come and indeed, to hold his climax in check.

Any man who has a tendency to ejaculate too quickly should seek out help with some kind of program for premature ejaculation treatment which might enable him to last longer during intercourse before he ejaculates.

Furthermore, it might prove of value in helping to develop practical procedures that would enable women with how to make a woman come, how to reach orgasm, when she has sexual difficulties.

5. Increasing orgasm consistency in women who have sexual difficulties need treatments ranging from the simple to the complex!

For example, one could compare joint counseling designed to reduce the frequency with which a woman’s partner displays behavior demonstrating his lack of dependability (such as being away from home frequently) with a more complex procedure of simply teaching him how to make a woman come so that he feels more confident in the bedroom.

6. Detailed descriptions and ratings need to be obtained of the manner in which women experience their male sex partners stimulating them when they are trying to make woman come

How much do men know about how to make a woman come, achieve climax, get off, during sex – call it whatever you want? To what extent do sexual techniques and positions, and knowledge of female sexual anatomy and female sexual behavior, create a man’s ability to give her an orgasm?

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